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Product Information
Claricep Flash Columns
Claricep flash chromatography columns are packed with deactivated silica resulting in column stability and reproducible separations. Claricep flash chromatography columns are available in the following selectivities reversed phase (AQ C18, C18, C8, NH2,and Phenyl), and normal phase (Basic and silica) .

Claricep Flash Columns

Seamlessly Upgrade to Claricep Flash Columns

Improved performance and less undesirable silica surface activity than regular flash columns. Claricep is an Agela Technologies Flash product.

With Claricep you can expect:

  • Quality
  • Reproducibility
  • Stability

Claricep Flash Columns

Seamlessly Upgrade from Traditional Columns to Claricep Flash

Bonna-Agela Technologies have developed a technology that effectively deactivates the silica surface. As a result,  Claricep Flash columns have less surface activity than ordinary silica columns and demonstrate significantly improved chromatgraphic performance.

Claricep Column

  • Deactivated silica surface promotes compound stability
  • Excellent peak shape and performance for both acidic and basic compounds
  • High quality and reproducibility
  • Wide range of selectivities
  • High pressure tolerance

Traditional Column
  • High surface activity that causes instability of certain compounds
  • Unwanted tailing or overly long retention of basic compounds due to secondary ionic reactions or metal chelating effects
  • Poor reproducibility
  • Limited selectivity range
  • Pressure limited

Conveniently Load Samples onto Claricep
Screw-on Flash Columns

Claricep i-Series

The i-Series features a managed column head space with a secured screw-on lid. This new design allows either loading of liquid samples directly onto the column head or loading of impregnated solid sample directly into the space. Users will benefit from:
  • Choice of loading method based on sample properties
  • Narrow band for liquid samples because of wide loading area
  • Dry-loading of solid impregnated samples minimizes band broadening
  • Customized loading method upon user preference

Claricep s-Series

The s-Series columns are fully packed without a head void. In addition, the Luer lock fittings for both inlet and outlet allows easy operation of tandem columns or the coupling of a loading cartridge.
  • Compatible with Biotage instruments

Claricep c-Series

The c-Series shares the same design, but the column outlet does not have a luer lock structure, this simplifies tubing connection across various flash systems.

Compatible with instruments from the following:

  • Teledyne ISCO
  • Agela Technologies
  • Buchi
  • Grace
  • Interchim
  • Other brands