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Product Information
Luna HPLC Columns
Luna high performance silica based HPLC columns offer wide pH stability, method flexibility, and a complete line of USP phases. Luna HPLC columns cover the full selectivity spectrum and are available in reversed phase (C18(2), C18, C8, CN, NH2, Phenyl-hexyl), normal phase (silica, Si-2,), HILIC, and ion exchange (SCX)
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Luna HPLC Columns

One of the World’s Leading LC Columns

Explore resolution with the 10 unique Luna selectivities and find your next selectivity tool. Combined with high surface area (400 m2/g) particles, the Luna family of columns offers an excellent HPLC performance for a wide range of chromatographic applications.

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  • Proven Performance: Extensive line of rugged USP and Ph. Eur. phases
  • Maximum Reproducibility: Wide range of selectivities available
  • Ultra-High Purity: Easy method scalability from HPLC to preparative and bulk purification LC

Luna HPLC Columns
Luna High Purity Silica HPLC Columns

Luna Silica

Agilent Technologies®

ZORBAX® 5 μm SB-C18


Symmetry® 5 μm C18


Luna 5 μm C18

Luna Phases

Explore resolution with the 13+ unique Luna selectivities with a variety of particle sizes to fit a wide variety of applications.


Accessories for Your Luna LC Column