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Product Information
GC Columns for Standard Analysis
GC columns used for standard analysis such as EPA and ASTM methods.

GC Columns for Standard Analysis

GC columns with a wide range of polarity including low, mid, and high polar phases and have proven selectivity for day to day GC analysis such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), boiling point separations, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), residual solvents, ASTM and EPA methods.

Zebron Front Facing GC Column

Brand Description:
Zebron ZB-1 Non-polar phase suited for boiling point separations
Zebron ZB-5 Low polarity phase for general purpose use
Zebron ZB-5ms General purpose 5% phenyl-arylene phase with enhanced selectivity for aromatics
Zebron ZB-XLB Low polarity si-arylene phase with extra low bleed for sensitive analyses
Zebron ZB-624 Optimized for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and organic volatile impurities (OVIs)
Zebron ZB-35 Intermediate polarity for high molecular weight samples and method development screening
Zebron ZB-1701 Alternate selectivity to phenyl phases, with similar polarity
Zebron ZB-1701P Specifically designed for improved DDT and Endrin response/td>
Zebron ZB-50 High polarity phase with stability for high temperature bakeouts
Zebron ZB-WAX Bonded, solvent rinseable phase excellent for complex polar samples
Zebron ZB-FFAP Excellent peak shape for underivatized acids, organic acids, free fatty acids, and alcohols