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  • LC bioZen Widepore C4

    bioZen™ Widepore C4

    Core-shell particle with butyl stationary phase and optimal wide pore size distribution for better resolution of large biologics, including monoclonal antibodies and subunit analysis.

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  • GC Gas Management Filter with Base

    Zebron™ Gas Management

    New Zebron Plug In Gas Filters and Click-on Inline GC Gas Traps with Click on connection easy to install feature and new design that ensures high gas purity (99.9999 % pure).

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  • Sample Prep MagBeads Particles

    bioZen MagBeads

    A uniform, unique paramagnetic particle, ideal for isolating proteins and peptides in less time with a high response.

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  • GC Kinetex PS C18

    Zebron™ ZB-DHA-PONA GC Column

    Zebron ZB-DHA-PONA is the optimal choice for the analysis of Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) within the Fuel industry.

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  • Sample Prep Strata-X Pro

    Strata-X Pro

    A new innovative polymeric sorbent that offers a faster, cleaner way to extract your samples with no conditioning or equilibration steps and still results in high recoveries.

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  • UHPLC/HPLC Kinetex PS C18

    Kinetex PS C18

    100% aqueous stable C18 with a positive surface charge

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Featured Guides and Webinars

  • Cannabis Testing Guide

    Cannabis Testing Guide

    Complete solutions for LC, GC, and Sample Prep

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  • Kinetex PS C18 Notebook

    Kinetex PS C18 Notebook

    Advanced Multi-Modal LC Selectivity for Polar Compounds

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  • Zebron Gas Management Brochure

    Zebron Gas Management Brochure

    Your Introduction to the NEW Zebron Gas Management

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  • Drug Metabolism Guide

    bioZen Native Mode Mass Spectrometry eBook

    High resolution chromatography for native mass spectrometry applications

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  • Drug Metabolism Guide

    i-Amylose-3 Application Notebook

    Multiple Solutions for Chiral Applications

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  • star stamp

    Where Ultra LC Performance Meets Selectivity

    Ultra performance on any LC

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  • mAbs structure

    Chromatographic Techniques for Primary Structure Assessment of mAbs

    Peptide Mapping and Intact Analysis

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  • abstract paint

    A Practical Guide for Small and Large Biomolecule Sample Preparation

    Small and large molecule SPE techniques

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    Column Care Guide: How to Clean an HPLC Column Using Reverse Flush

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    How to Improve Your HPLC Column Selectivity

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    Gas Chromatography

    Steps to Fast and Furious Gas Chromatography Analysis

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    Phenomenex and Hach Come Together to Support WaterAid

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    What is HPLC and How Does It Work?

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