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Product Information
Zebron Gas Chromotography Columns
Zebron Gas Chromatography columns are low bleed, and offer high resolution separation for all of your GC methods
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Zebron Gas Chromotography Columns

Ensure accurate and reproducible results in your GC-MS analyses.

Phenomenex GC columns portfolio covers a wide range of applications. From the simplest to the most challenging method, our GC column technology allows to deliver high performance, faster analysis with optimal resolution and separation of the most complex matrices. Every GC stationary phase comes in different sizes so you can find the perfect match for your target analytes.

Explore our wide range of GC capillary columns and application-specific proprietary phases for environmental, food and cannabis, forensics, pharma, fuels, and specialty chemicals analyses.

  • Low bleed
  • Excellent retention
  • High sensitivity
  • Extended lifetime

Zebron GC Columns
15m GC Column

Explore All Available Phases

Enhance Quality Analysis. Protect Your GC System. Optimize Your Lab Workflow.