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Product Information
Gas Chromatography (GC)
In gas chromatography compounds are injected on to a GC column and are separated by their different boiling points

Gas Chromatography (GC)

Gas chromatography consists of a GC system, carrier gas and a GC column that is either packed or capillary. Capillary GC columns are commonly used as they provide low bleed, consistent results, and better efficiency than packed columns. In gas chromatography, compounds are separated primarily based on their boiling points and intermolecular interactions such as London dispersion force, Pi-Pi interaction, Dipole-Dipole interaction, Dipole- Induced Dipole interaction and Hydrogen Bonding Interaction.

Featured Product for Gas Chromatography

Zebron GC Column Box

Zebron Front Facing GC Column

GC Column Type Description:
Standard GC Columns For general and routine GC methods
Application-Specific GC Columns For targeted and specialty applications such as EPA methods and blood alcohol analysis
High-Temperature GC Columns For separations that require 400 °C or higher
Improved Performance For applications that require extreme inertness.