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Product Information
GC Columns for Specialty Applications
GC columns for specialty applications such as multi-residue pesticide analysis and blood alcohol analysis

GC Columns for Specialty Applications

GC columns that offer targeted selectivity for specialty analysis such as:

  • Blood Alcohols
  • Fatty acid methyl esther (FAMES)
  • Simulated distillation (SIMDIST)
  • Detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA)
  • Pesticide Screening

Zebron Front Facing GC Column

Brand Description:
ZB-1XT SimDist Analysis of hydocarbons
ZB-BAC-1 Analysis of blood alcohols
ZB-Bioethanol Bioethanol analysis
ZB-CLPesticides-1 Resolution multiple chlorinated pesticide classes
ZB-DHA-PONA Separation of paraffins, iso-paraffins, olefins, naphthenes, aromatics and polar compounds
ZB-Dioxin Separation of dioxins and PCBs
ZB-Drug-1 Ideal for drug screening methods
ZB-FAME Analysis of Fatty acid methyl esthers (FAMES)
ZB-MultiResidue-1 Mutiresidue pesticide analysis
ZB-SemiVolatiles Ideal for analysis of semi-volatiles (SVOCs), PAHs, PBDEs, EPA Mmthods (525, 610, 625, 8100, 8270D)
ZB-PAH-EU Rapid analysis of PAHs
ZB-PAH-CT Rapid analysis of PAHs (Enhanced Resolution for Chrysene and Triphenylene)