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SPE Background

Strata-X Solid Phase Extraction

Product Information
Robust, Accurate Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Chromatography Products
Explore Strata-X SPE products by Phenomenex for superior sample cleanup and high recoveries, ensuring efficient solid-phase extraction across diverse matrices.

Robust, Accurate Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Chromatography Products

Capitalize on cleanliness without sacrificing recovery with Strata-X polymeric SPE sorbents for solid phase extraction procedure. Strata-X polymeric sorbents are available in unique selectivities that have been developed to cover a diverse spectrum of analytes and simplify the method development process for fast and efficient sample preparation.

  • Tightly retain analytes
  • Remove unwanted contaminants including phospholipids, proteins, and particulates for superior SPE chromatography
  • Easily cleanup large or small volumes
  • Strata-XL cleans up viscous samples as well as target analytes that exceed 10 kDa
  • The 96-well plate microelution Strata-X formats are ideal for concentrated extraction for small volumes

Strata-X Solid Phase Extraction

Available Formats



1, 3, and 6mL Tubes

Giga Tubes (12-150mL Tubes)

On-line Extraction Columns and Cartridges

The Complete Guide to Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Learn how to develop a customized method for SPE and view applications that are applicable to a variety of different industries. Download the Complete Guide to Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) to quickly develop a new method with application examples. Learn about this targeted form of Sample Preparation that allows you to isolate your analyte of interests while removing any interfering compounds that may be in your sample.

  • Ultra Clean Extracts
  • Concentration of samples for better chromatographic results
  • Solvent switching got GC or LC compatibility
  • Longer column lifetime and improved chromatographic results

SPE Full Guide

Loading Matrices

Strata-X sample preparation offers a versatile and comprehensive solution for a wide array of matrices across various scientific and analytical domains. Its adaptable design and efficient sorbent technology make it suitable for diverse sample types, including complex biological samples, environmental samples, food and beverage matrices, and pharmaceutical formulations.

Plasma Water and Wastewater Food
Blood Fuel Beverage
Hair Soil Urine

Polymeric SPE Options

The volume of solvent needed for the wash and elution steps is directly related to the mass of sorbent in the SPE tube and more specifically the “bed volume” of the SPE device. Typically 4 – 16 bed volumes are used in SPE methods.

Select Phase Based on Target Analyte

Pharmaceutical: Compounds from Plasma

Improved Clean Up and Recovery of Pharmaceutical Compounds From Plasma: SPE vs. Liquid-liquid Extraction

application id 22986

50 x 2.1 mm
Part No.:
Mobile Phase:
A: 0.1 % Formic acid in Water
B: 0.1 % Formic acid in Methanol
Time (min)
% B
Flow Rate:
500 μL/min
MS/MS, Triple Quad™ 4500 (SCIEX), ESI+

SPE Protocol

Strata-X 30 mg/1 mL
Part No. 8B-S100-TAK
Condition: 1 mL Methanol
Equilibrate: 2 mL Water
Load: 1.6 mL Pre-treated plasma
Wash: Wash 1 mL 5 % Methanol
Dry: 1 minute under vacuum at 10 inches Hg
Elute: 1 mL Methanol
Dry Down: Dry down @ 53 °C under a stream of nitrogen for 20 minutes
Reconstitute: Reconstitute in 500 μL of mobile phase

% Absolute Recovery for Diclofenac

Spiked Concentration Diclofenac
SPE 15 μg/mL 86 % (n=4)
LLE 15 μg/mL 46 % (n=4)

Diclofenac spiked plasma sample (50 μg/mL) after extraction with Strata™-X. Flurbiprofen (IS) was added post-extraction at a concentration of 160 μg/mL. Note: the flurbiprofen was added post blow down, which is also post-extraction.

Recovery data for Amitriptyline resulting from SPE phase screening

Recovery of Metoprolol

Recovery of Metoprolol

Representative chromatogram of the neat standard at 25 ng/mL

application note 22871
Analytes in retention order

1. Metoprolol
2. Prednisone
3. Amitriptyline
4. Diclofenac

Metoprolol % Recovery % CV Targeted SPE Phase Targeted Condition
Amitriptyline 98.8 3.2 Strata-X-CW BA
Diclofenac 72 6.7 Strata-X-AW AB
Prednisone 50 1.8 Strata-X BA

EPA 552.1 by Strata-X-A on a ZB-XLB-HT

application note 22871
GC Conditions (App ID: 19322)

Part No.:
Phase Name:
Pulsed @ 250°C, 1.0 μL
Oven Program:
30°C for 4 min to 50°C @ 30°C/min for 1 min to 70°C @ 15°C/min for 1 min to 115°C @ 20°C/min for 2 min to 200°C @ 30°C/min.
Carrier Gas:
Constant Flow Helium, 2.3 mL/min
Electron Capture (ECD) (340°C)
Sample Notes:
Derivatization: Add 1mL of MTBE to the eluent in a screw cap vial or test tube. Heat the sample at 50ºC for 1.5 hours. Remove and allow the sample to cool to room temperature. Slowly add 10mL of saturated sodium bicarbonate and invert the sample several times releasing carbon dioxide gas frequently. Aspirate 100µL of the organic layer and transfer to a 2mL vial with insert. Add 10µL of internal standard (1,2,3-Trichloropropane) and inject into GC-ECD system.