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Food & Beverage Analysis
Explore advanced GC & HPLC methods for food and beverage analysis with Phenomenex. Achieve unparalleled accuracy & efficiency in your lab processes. Learn how!
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Food & Beverage Analysis

Helping you achieve quality analysis in food safety, quality, and authenticity testing.

Achieving high-quality sample prep and resolving complex matrices accurately are the most critical aspects in the analysis of food safety, and food quality and authenticity. Whether your food quality analysis is to determine multi-residue levels, the presence of pesticides, the quality of food components, or authenticity of food ingredients, our comprehensive portfolio of LC and GC columns and sample preparation can assist your method development through robustness, reproducibility, and data quality results. 

Our advanced GC & HPLC methods for food quality analysis can help you:

  • Deliver the highest quality of testing to meet and exceed, your customer's demands
  •  Resolve complex matrices of targeted and non-targeted compounds to assess food quality
  •  Leverage our vast array of selectivities to expand your testing services
  • Gain insight from experts through our GC and HPLC food testing applications


Products for Food Safety and Quality Testing

Sample Preparation

Food Testing by GC

Food Testing by LC