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Biopharmaceutical Analysis and Solutions
Explore our biopharmaceutical solutions for precise analysis & characterization. Phenomenex provides customized columns & sample prep for large molecule analysis.
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Biopharmaceutical Analysis and Solutions

From mAbs to Oligos, We Have You Covered

Phenomenex is committed to the development of novel chromatographic solutions that advance biopharmaceutical development. This rapidly-growing industry necessitates fit for purpose applications and innovative technologies to meet the expanding analytical challenges of the field.

Phenomenex columns and sample preparation solutions are designed to tackle the multi-faceted analytical needs of large molecule analysis, particularly in the area of biopharmaceutical analysis. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, our biopharmaceutical solutions provide tailored support for accurate and reliable results in this specialized field.

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Aggregate AnalysisAggregate Analysis
Charge Variant AnalysisCharge Variant Analysis

    IEX columns to separate variants by charge to understand modifications and ensure quality control.

  • Biozen WCX
Native MS/Intact Mass AnalysisNative MS/Intact Mass Analysis
Fragment/Subunit AnalysisFragment/Subunit Analysis

    Micro and Nano columns to separate and identify complex protein mixtures to characterize cellular processes and disease mechanisms.

  • Biozen Nano
Peptide QuantitationPeptide Quantitation
Peptide MappingPeptide Mapping
Immunocapture ExtractionImmunocapture Extraction

    Streptavidin coated paramagnetic beads isolate and enrich target proteins.

  • Biozen MagBeads
Drug Antibody Ratio (DAR)Drug Antibody Ratio (DAR)
Oligonucleotide CharacterizationOligonucleotide Characterization
Oligonucleotide PurificationOligonucleotide Purification
Oligonucleotide ExtractionOligonucleotide Extraction

    SPE and de-salting tubes to efficiently isolate oligonucleotides from complex mixtures, enhancing downstream analysis.

  • Clarity SPE
Glycan AnalysisGlycan Analysis

    HILIC columns that characterize glycan structures, essential for understanding biopharmaceutical efficacy.

  • Biozen Glycan
Glycan ExtractionGlycan Extraction

    SPE to extract glycans from samples, crucial for glycomics studies and understanding glycoprotein functions.

  • Biozen N-Glycan Clean up

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